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Welcome, visitor. This is my personal homepage. Do not be alarmed of the apparent lack of content; everything here, down to tiniest detail, follows the "quality over quantity" principle. I may not always succeed in it, but I'll try my best. Go ahead, explore a bit!

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  • Feb 20 2021

    I need to thoroughly update this place... I'm not dead, I've just been really busy. Work, games, etc. and plenty of programming, of which I've released nothing publicly here or elsewhere :-(

  • Feb 23 2017

    After some neglect, I've finally updated lots of things. ncfg was updated (again) and the outdated links were finally purged from the links page. There have been some smaller updates here and there (like the VyOS guide), but mostly things have been quiet around here.

  • May 11 2015

    Another major update to ncfg.