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N-Puzzle is a no-frills implementation of the classic 15-block sliding puzzle game. However, unlike the wooden/plastic real-world counterpart, N-Puzzle never gets lost, never breaks and you can't cheat in it (I haven't implemented any cheat codes). And it is not limited to the plain old 4x4 board. You can play with arbitrarily-sized boards, from simple 3x3 to a massive 8x8. Or 5x9. Or 20x3. Or whatever you want!

And it gets better. N-Puzzle is small (~90 KiB excluding manual/images/configuration file). It is completely free (GPL). It does not require installation; it is portable out-of-the-box. Just extract and play.

It has no automatic updaters, background processes, registrations, subscriptions or any other aggravating annoyances that usually infest stuff like this.

The only difference between the recent version 1.2.1 and the previous 1.2 (June 2012) is that I've replaced LibCFG with ncfg. I was planning to add support for splitting up images for the board as a background image, but I realized this would bloat the code by some 100-200k (image loaders, etc.).

What more could you want? Go ahead, download it. Enjoy it.


N-Puzzle v1.2.1
Size127 KiB (130256 bytes)
ReleasedAug 18. 2013

N-Puzzle v1.2.1 Source Code
Size73 KiB (74895 bytes)
ReleasedAug 18. 2013
NotesCompilation requires ncfg v0.9.2 or compatible. Version 0.9.2 ZIP is included in the archive, so you can always compile this by yourself.